Computer Network Design was founded in 1985 to address the special needs of the Civil Aviation Industry. Specialists in AFTN Message switching, ATIS, VOLMET and AIS Database systems, and large scale Document Management , CND have installed systems in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Asia and Europe.

The latest generation of CND Aviation products are characterised by the use of industry standard PC hardware and TCP/IP network communications resulting in very cost effective solutions without compromising the high reliability requirement of Civil Aviation applications.

Developed using the powerful Object Orientated programming language, Delphi 7, our products provide a thoroughly modern operator interface while still maintaining compatibility with the various ICAO standards that govern operations in the Civil Aviation environment.

CND audio products include an automatic Coastal Weather Broadcast System (CWBS) for VHF or HF radio broadcast to ships and a general purpose Automated Announcer for such applications as Aircraft Arrival and Departure, Railway Station and Supermarket periodic announcements.