Message Mate 2000 AFTN Workstation


Message Mate 2000 workstation is a user friendly system for the preparation, dispatch and reception of standard ICAO Annex X format messages using a convenient Microsoft Windows graphical user interface
running as a non dedicated application on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system.


All message preparation is done under a system of templates especially designed for particular categories of AFTN message and supports orthodox Windows editing facilities such as cut and past and clipboard operations.
The user selects the desired message template from an a primary Category onscreen Tab which then displays a button for each configured template in that category.
Input to each field is controlled according to parameters defined by the template designer. Each field can have ‘hover’ hints or be linked to a windows help file for full context sensitive help.
Any field may be associated with a database of valid entries and/or a set of validation rules. Fields are validated as keyed and where defined, choice lists pop up automatically as soon as a error is made.
The supplied Flight Plan form complies with ICAO Flight Planning Amendment 1-2012 for extended Nav, Surveillance and Other Information fields, including cross field dependency.


Multiple messages of the same or different types may be under preparation at one time, which each message available for instant recall from the message tabs with a single click.


Template designers may include graphic images in the displayed template, for example the logo of the aviation authority, airline etc.
Graphics may also be used to assist in the preparation of certain message types. For example a template may be designed to aid in the preparation of briefing requests where the user need only click on the locations of interest as displayed on a map of the area.
Graphical data is provided to enhance the preparation and display of AFTN messages only and graphical data is not included in the transmitted message.


This example shows a simple graphical input screen for selecting main centres in New Zealand. Clicking on the locations of interest and pressing the Send key will create and send a message formatted according to the rules of the central briefing system. The actual format of the message is defined by the template designer.


Messages may be prepared in advance and filed for automatic sending at a later date or according to a schedule for sending multiple times. 


Full control over printing of both sent and received messages is provided with the option to print either in italic script. Draft copies of messages under preparation and messages retrieved from the message archive can also be printed.


An included database system holds messages for (typically) 30 days. Messages in the database may be recalled for re-sending, printing or incorporation into a new message.The database may be searched by message type and content over one or a number of days.
Examples of searches may be for all FPL received in one day, all NOTAM sent in last week. All NOTAM relating to a particular navigation aid.


Message Mate 2000 uses an independent program, SERIAL-AFTN Gateway to control the link level connection to your country's AFTN. This program handles all formatting, ANNEX 10 service messages and number checking, automatic channel checks and priority transmission. Physical connection is either via TCP/IP LAN, Microsoft Networking, of serial port. Serial connections are made via an external script file which supports direct connect, dial up and X.25 SVC connections.


Message Mate 2000 NOTAM Management option provides an ultra low cost NOTAM office workstation. Features provided include

Semi automated NOTAM entry screens for NOTAMN, NOTAMR and NOTAMC and SNOWTAM
Automatic NOTAM number generation
Automatic FIR insertion
Simple select for NOTAM codes from complete Qcode database with automatic Traffic/purpose/scope generation
Default for issue time
NOTAM code expansion in the E) field
Verification of NOTAM replace/cancel numbers
Generates ICAO standard AFTN NOTAM messages complete with all group markers
Provides semi automatic NOTAM Checklist generation with automatic replacement of previous checklist
Maintains a database of all current NOTAM which automatically expire on Valid To Date or on receipt of a NOTAMR or NOTAMC message
Provides a detailed NOTAM search facility with ability to display and tag any number of qualifying NOTAM for inclusion in an automatically generated NOTAM bulletins


This option allows several Message Mate Workstations on a common Local Area Network (LAN) to share a single RS232 Serial AFTN connection and Channel ID.

Each Message Mate displays and prints only its own traffic
Cost saving both in line charges and AFTN connection fees
Automatic AFTN Sequence Number control for sent messages
Each workstation has a complete archive of sent and received messages from all members of the cluster
Ideal for multiple terminals at each Airport.