QSSSerial is a standalone application executable with the specific task of sending and receiving AFTN messages on a serial line. It normally runs minimised and displays a status icon and last sent, last received message numbers continuously on the task bar. It can be configured for full ANNEX 10 compliance, auto numbering, channel checks and service messages as well as background printing of sent and received AFTN messages. Full support is given to ITA2 and ITA5 alphabets with code and SOH, EOM conversion. A built in test message generator can be enabled for testing on serial lines.

When maximised, as shown above, a full duplex monitor shows sent and received data.


QSSSerial is primarily used as the serial line interface for the QSS AFTN Message switch, however, when used at the workstation end of an AFTN link, it may be configured to place a copy of a received AFTN message in separate Network directories, based on the AFTN address or addresses in the message. This forwarded copy can also be stripped of the AFTN envelope and appear as a standard ASCII text file to the receiver. This allows a single AFTN line from the Message Centre to service a group of workstations on a LAN at an airport or common facility. QSSSerial examines a ‘Message In’ box at 1 second intervals and dispatches all messages found (in priority order) to the AFTN serial line. It can therefore successfully handle outgoing messages from multiple sources.