Customised Windows and Web Development

Computer Network Design have been developing software in the Windows environment for over 25 years to the specific requirements of our customers. Our experienced consultants can design and build software for virtually any business need with special emphasis on Communications, Multimedia and Web applications.


All our consultants have wide experience in applying computer technology to business problems. All you need do is explain your need to us in terminology you understand. We will do the rest. We build prototypes or shell implementations, using software tools we have developed, to give you speedy and frequent involvement in the development process thus ensuring you get exactly what you want. These prototypes are then expanded to encompass the agreed functionality.


DELPHI Rapid Aid Development
Java web development language
SQL Server Web database
JavaScript Web Client Language
Legacy Languages - COBOL - FORTRAN - MODULA 2


The applications described on this web site give examples of the diverse range of products originally developed to meet the needs of specific customers. Other examples include data capture of news stories for TV and Newspaper databases, a web based Corporate Library system and an airline flight billing system.

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