CND Transaction Recorder

The CND Transaction Recorder is a customised Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the simple and straightforward entry of expense and revenue 'transactions' for the purpose of filing GST returns and generating Profit reports. It also will export a basic Microsoft Excel file of the year's transactions to assist in the filing of Tax returns.

The Transaction Recorder is designed specifically for self employed sole traders, Real Estate Agents, Sales Reps and any other trader required to maintain records of expenditure that distinguish accurately between personal and business expenses.

Although the Transaction Recorder utilises the power of Microsoft Excel for calculations and report generation, the user is totally isolated from the underlying spreadsheets and uses only very simple forms and buttons for all activities.


Edit Account Codes
When entering a transaction, it is assigned to an expense or revenue group by association with a preset Account Code. The package is supplied with a set of common Account Codes, which can be extended as required. The account code also defines what percentage of the expense the IRD will accept as a deductible business expense.
Enter Transactions
The main method of entering or modifying expense and revenue transactions. Done entirely via an extremely simple to use form with defaults to reduce the number of keystrokes to an absolute minimum. Data verification eliminates most keyboard errors.
GST Return
A single mouse click will generate the totals required by the IRD for the 2 monthly or 6 monthly GST Return and identifies the correct box on the IRD Form where each total needs to be entered. It also generates a full transaction summary to verify the GST Return, should that be requested by the IRD.
Profit Report
Generates a Profit/Loss report for a specified period, calculates the tax to pay and shows the total of any withholding tax already deducted from commissions. A second page gives a full P/L report subtotalled by account.
Full Transaction Report
Shows all transactions for a period, sorted by Account.
Accountant's Copy
Generates a new Microsoft Excel file containing all transactions for a specified period. Designed to give to an accountant for the preparation of the end of year tax return.
View Transactions
A window to the Microsoft Excel Query by Criteria form for locating transactions by values used in any of the Transaction Spreadsheet columns.
Check Split Transactions
Provides a report containing all transactions that have the same reference number. For example, all transactions on a single Visa or bank statement. Automatically totals the transactions.




The form above shows a part complete entry for telephone expenses. All that has been entered so far is the Date (The Sticky tag will keep this date for the next transaction to avoid unnecessary keystrokes), and the Details. (Selected from a drop down list, which in turn causes the Account Code, Business % and GST rate to be automatically inserted). All that remains to complete the transaction entry is to key in the Amount, and click Enter.


Split Transactions are single amounts that must be split over more that one Account. A simple example of this is a Visa statement that has multiple line items. These are entered by ticking the 'Sticky' box next to Reference and entering each Visa transaction separately. A common reference code is assigned to each line of the Visa statement and the Reference Total at the bottom of the form updated with the running total as each line item is entered. This gives a quick visual check, after entering all lines, that the total agrees with the Visa statement, to help detect missed or incorrectly entered amounts.

FREE TRIAL VERSION (4.3 Mbyte download)

The Trial Version of the CND Transaction Recorder contains all the capabilities and features of the full version but is limited to a maximum of 50 transactions. To run the Trial version you must have Microsoft Excel already installed on your computer.