Automatic VOLMET system

The VOLMET system broadcasts Meteorological Bulletins at prescribed times, either continuously, or for a specified duration. Although designed to run completely unattended, receiving updated reports from the AFTN, a simple straight forward graphical interface is provided for an operator to modify VOLMET content and control broadcasts. The full text of each new VOLMET is sent as an AFTN message to a preset list of recipients.

The system supports D-VOLMET downlink and uplink messages in ED-89A format with serial RS232 or MATIP TCP communications connection to an Air Ground Service provider.

The VOLMET system has 5 tabbed pages giving both text and graphic display of the VOLMET. These are:

DYNAMIC DISPLAY  Shows an area map of the FIR or FIRs that contain the locations for which Meteorological reports are expected with coloured buttons for each report in the VOLMET. Buttons are Silver if no report is available, Yellow  when a report is current and Red when actually broadcasting.

VOLMET ITEMS shows the text of each VOLMET report and defines the order reports are broadcast. Update of any report is possible on the screen.

CURRENT VOLMET shows the text of the complete VOLMET

AFTN/METAR shows the last AFTN Update message received and the last VOLMET dispatched to the AFTN

FORMS is an optional screen to compose updates to the VOLMET using specially designed forms or templates.



(Hover over Tab Page Names to switch Tab Pages)


New reports are received from the AFTN or OPMET database in either WMO code or plain text. As each report is received it is decoded and an audio voice file prepared using a library of pre-recorded words and phrases, or by direct Synthetic Speech. This audio file is linked to a specific button on the Map corresponding to the reports geographic location. The button colour is set to Yellow when a current report exists. A operator may audibly check any report (or set of reports) or by clicking the desired buttons and the clicking Play Item on the Audio Control Panel. When the scheduled time arrives, the VOLMET is broadcast, repeating if necessary to fill the specified duration.


Automatic generation of a coded Digital VOLMET message with each new VOLMET
Digital VOLMET content controlled by external Templates
Complies with ED-89A and ARINC-622
Dispatch to an Air Ground Service provider via AFTN, SITA or direct to an ACARS Transmitter
Support for the MATIP TCP/IP protocol


Automatic dispatch of the VOLMET text to the AFTN with each new VOLMET
Full logging of all changes
Password control of operator actions
Configurable for Master/Standby with multiple slave display systems


This option uses VOIP technology to transmit encoded Audio direct to remote transmitters with VOIP receive capability
Local workstations have full control over the content and scheduling of the VOLMET broadcast